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Crafts for Cannabis

Crafts for Cannabis

Crafts for CannabisCrafts for CannabisCrafts for Cannabis

Some things just go hand in hand.

Building a bridge between hops and crops!


 Crafts for Cannabis is a campaign designed to bridge a community of craft beer enthusiasts and advocates of cannabis. Through support of the craft beer community and industry, we stand to make a difference in the continued research of the medical benefits which cannabis holds. Your generous contributions help aid in the assistance of veterans seeking to obtain medicinal cannabis from their designated state dispensaries at an affordable cost. 

Let's make a Change!


There is a dark stigma on who the stereotypical user of cannabis is. Today, we have an opportunity to change the face of the typical consumer and spread awareness of the benefits it holds. With your support, we continue to dig deeper and discover just how beneficial this plant exactly is for those seeking more natural treatments of better health and wellness. 

Our Promise to You


The integrity of our program has the capability to make tremendous strides in not only advancing medical research, but reforming state laws, as well as providing relief for those who have made everything possible in this great country. OUR TROOPS! Find out more information on where our donations are applied to in our "Foundations" section.  

Crafts for Cannabis Program

Partnered Breweries


Contact your favorite local brewery and encourage them to join Crafts for Cannabis. We are working endlessly to contact every brewery in the United States to join our program. With your encouraging support, we're able to continue to add breweries at a quicker rate. We appreciate your support!


Your Support


 Through patrons support and donations, we have kept a tab of total amounts collected from each partnered brewery. With updated stats we have displayed the totals donated each month per brewery. The brewery with the highest *average donation that month, will have a number of donations made in their name to multiple participating veterans currently enrolled in state medicinal marijuana programs.  

Your Rewards

rewards, free beer

With your donation comes rewards. For the patrons that have donated to the winning brewery each month, we'd like to reward you with a FREE VIP private event the conclusion of the competition. You will be contacted via email with a special invite and honored in our monthly community newsletter showing our appreciation for your great support!


Our Partners

Take a Leaf of Faith Foundation

Take a Leaf of Faith

The Take a Leaf of Faith Foundation is the backbone of the Crafts for Cannabis program. With countless events and fundraising campaigns, they are able to continue their core mission of developing awareness of the medical benefits that marijuana holds for those seeking a more natural treatment for better health and wellness, and assisting those seeking to obtain treatments at an affordable cost.


Educated Alternative

 Educated  Alternative is a Medical Marijuana Advocacy Center with locations in  Illinois and Missouri. Our centers were created to address the most  pressing problems found in the cannabis community, lack of education  and funds. Our goal is to provide information and financial assistance  to patients in need through a series of charity driven programs  and seminars. 

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Kannabis Kingz

Initially founded as a clothing brand, Kannabis Kingz has transformed into a powerhouse in the cannabis community and industry, while consistently advocating  for cannabis, state law reform, and leading the march with the fight against big pharma and the opioid epidemic we face in the united states. 

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Shoot us a message and nominate your favorite brewery. Any state or city! Please feel free to reach out to them as well and encourage them to join the Crafts for Cannabis program today!

Crafts for Cannabis

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