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Crafts for Cannabis is dedicated to supporting our Veterans

We take great pride in our partnered organizations and foundations. Proceeds from the program are donated to the Take a Leaf of Faith foundation. The continued mission of assisting United States Veterans with obtaining better access to medicinal cannabis remains one of the many initial core  principles. The Crafts for Cannabis program provides opportunities for the craft beer community and industry to aid in support for the men and women that have served our nation at the highest levels.   

 Veteran participation in state marijuana programs does not affect  eligibility for VA care and services. VA providers can and do discuss  marijuana use with Veterans as part of comprehensive care planning, and  adjust treatment plans as necessary. 

 Many scientists and health bodies — including the American Cancer Society (ACS) — support the need for further scientific research on the use of marijuana and cannabinoids to treat medical conditions.  Through the Crafts for Cannabis program, and the Take a Leaf of Faith foundation, your donations help the continuation of medicinial cannabis research, while spreading awareness of the many health benefits it holds. 

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For Veterans seeking assistance in obtaining medicinal cannabis at their designated state dispensary, please register at www.takealeafoffaith.org, or email info@takealeafoffaith.org for general questions, comments, or concerns. 

-Live in abundance.